BTR Welcome 125 to Couch to 5k 2020

There was a massive turnout for the first night of the couch to 5k programme with 125 enthusiastic recruits turning to begin their fitness journey. The wend and cold didn’t deter them nor dampen spirits as Ann O’ Shea and her crew of mentors interdicted them to tried and trusted walk/run method that has served over 800 participants to date.

BTR would like to welcome everyone of them to the club and hope they well all enjoy the 8 weeks immensely. Of course it’s still not too late to get involved, our training plan is very gently progressive so no need to worry that the group has advance too much for you to catch up.

Training continues Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 18:30 from the Aqua Dome car park.

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