The group exists as a social entity for independent runners to find training partners and have company while running.  The group or Club only exists in this entity and each runner is wholly responsible for themselves as independent runners.  Time tables for “training groups” are the time tables and schedules of a number of runners who  are training for specific events and share their schedule via various social media platforms including the “Born to Run, Tralee Marathon Club” Facebook page.  Any person or persons following these plans or running with other runners who may be following these plans, do so at their own risk and are responsible for their own well being.

The “Born to Run Mentors” consist of a number of independent runners, solely responsible for themselves.  These Mentors while following their own schedule, may run at the same time as the schedules posted on social media.  They will run at their own pace and if this matches the pace of other runners, they may share their anecdotal experience while out on a run. This is not an admission of responsibility for any other runner.  Running is a physically demanding sport and all those that intend on participating in the sport are advised to seek and follow medical advice, not over exert themselves, obey all national and local legislation in relation to road use, be mindful of other road users, be aware of hazards, including trip and fall and to not engage in trespass when accessing routes.  Runners should use their “common sense” in relation to any anecdotal information provided by other runners they meet on the road and educate themselves appropriately before participating in the sport of running.  You should also ensure you have  the appropriate running equipment before participating.