Couch to 5k Group Complete 5k Run

A huge congratulations is due the class of 2019 ‘Couch to 5k’ group who on Thursday night last, completed their celebratory 5k run to mark the end of their mentored couch to 5k programme. Over the past 8 weeks through hard work, perseverance and little help and support form our dedicated team of mentors this grate bunch successfully reached their fitness goals. All at Born to Run extremely proud of them.

The ‘Celebratory Run’ kicked off from Aras an Phobail at our usual 6:30 start time taking in the River Walk, Aqua Dome and the Ashe Hall before returning to the Aras Phobail for a medal presentation and reception. A special thanks is due to everyone who helped organise the night, the stewards, our water stop crew and all who baked, made tea or brought treats. Thanks also to Jack and Aras an Phobail for providing a brilliant venue to mark the occasion.

Of course our annual mentoring programmes are only possible, thanks to our dedicated group of mentors, who themselves are graduates of the programmes from years gone by. This is what keeps the club alive and what make the club such a special group to be part of.

Finally I would like to express the clubs dearest wish that this group of new 5k runners will be with us for years to come, whether they choose to continue progressing to 10k and beyond or stick to their 5k distance. Who can say maybe a few will be our mentors of the future.