Epic Couch to 5k Journey Concludes

As we struggled to hold on to a gazebo that wanted to take flight on registration night, maybe we should have suspected that this year’s couch to 5k group were in for a tougher challenge than those who had gone before them. But even the most negative prophet of doom could not have foreseen the obstetrical that were put in this groups way on their fitness journey. Even so, several class red weather warnings and an unprecedented global pandemic couldn’t prevent these hardy and brave souls from reaching their goals as they finally had their lap of honor on Tuesday night.

Yes this year’s was a far from ideal programme, with a wind and rain lashed opening night, several weather canceled training secession and lastly just days before the final night’s celebrations were due to take place, the world became almost unrecognizable, as Covid 19 put paid to our best laid plan. Credit must go to all those who carried on regardless and concluded their journey on Tuesday night (18/08/20) even if the celebrations weren’t in the style they undoubtedly deserved and which the club would have loved to bestow on them.

Credit too, to Ann and her large team of mentors who gave their all to help this fantastic group along the way since January, they sacrificed huge amounts of time and effort, they are certainly a credit to the club and truly embody the spirit and heart of what Born to Run is about. Congratulations to all once again on your achievements and hopefully this is just the end of the beginning of your time with the club, as we look forward to spending may years on the roads with you and to the night we will be introducing you as a mentor to a hundred or so nerves but expectant faces, eager to commence their own voyage from couch to 5k and beyond.

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