Born To Run Trail Marathon 2017

Congratulations to everyone who took part in and completed our first full and half trail marathon in Glanageenty last Saturday morning.

Many thanks go to the Glanageenty Loopers, BTR and their committee for helping us put this event on, without their support, this wouldn’t have been able to go ahead, so thank you!

This was a low key  event to help Brian Byrne get his 99th marathon, before doing his 100th in Listowel in January. The response was great, with the short notice of the event only being advertised a month before the race day, planning of the event, and with not much promotion, so thank you all who came out to do it. I hope you had a great day out there 😊 Feedback would be most appreciated, as it’s an event that we hope to be able to do again in the new year.< /span><ictures from the event are available on our Facebook Site.  Results from the event are as follows:

Born to Run, Tralee Marathon Club
Glanageenty Trail Marathon 2017 Results
16th December 2017
Full Marathon      
Position Name Time Comment  Runner No
1 Tom Foley 06:05:35 Finished  1
2 Theresa Grimes 07:22:00 Finished  2
3 Dan McCarthy 07:24:48 Finished  3
3 Brian Byrne 07:24:48 Finished  4
3 Giles Hoffman 07:24:48 Finished  5
4 Humphrey Moynihan 07:52:00 Finished  6
5 Julie Byrne 08:23:05 Finished  7
6 Rory Giles 03:34:59 DNF at 14.2 Miles 8
7 Simon Hallisey 01:21:10 DNF at 6.4 Miles 9
8 Brian O’Shea 01:21:10 DNF at 6.4 Miles 10
Half Marathon      
Position Name Time Comment  Runner No
1 Bernard Pabon 02:23:30 Finished  1
2 Maurice Breen 02:26:03 Finished  2
3 Conor Murphy 02:37:40 Finished  3
3 Pat Carmody 02:37:40 Finished  4
4 Maurice Horan 02:53:18 Finished  5
5 Norman Paddle 03:14:34 Finished  6
6 Arlyn O’Mahony 03:34:06 Finished  7
6 John Counihan 03:34:06 Finished  8
Directors Run: Half Marathon    
Position Name Time Comment  Runner No
1 Loretto O’Sullivan 03:34:59 Finished  1
1 Colm Mac Carthy 03:34:59 Finished  2
2 Kirstie McTrusty 04:01:35 Finished  3

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